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We keep things simple at ADAS Find. Upload, submit, done—no need to worry about whether an ADAS feature is equipped on a car, and no need to spend countless hours researching the car's requirements. We handle all the dirty work for you, allowing you to invest that time in ensuring quality repairs for your customers.

From OEM documentation to ADAS explanations and sensor identification, we've got it all here for you to use.

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Unleashing Efficiency, Precision, & Growth

  • Large Revenue Increase:

    ADAS Find specializes in meticulously identifying vital ADAS and Safety features often overlooked by up to 80% of body shops across the United States, ultimately enhancing calibration precision and driving substantial revenue growth.

    By simply generating an ADAS Report from your estimate within our software, we can promptly identify any essential features mandated by the manufacturer for calibration or initialization. Which in return can provide up to $5000 per job!

  • Complete Estimates Faster:

    ADAS Find accelerates the estimate-writing process by automating the identification of safety features and ADAS components. With a simple upload of the written repair estimate, our software swiftly decodes the VIN, eliminating the need for manual input. This not only speeds up the overall estimate creation but also ensures accuracy in identifying the equipped features. By automating these tasks, ADAS Find allows estimators to focus on other critical aspects, leading to faster and more efficient estimate generation for each vehicle job.

  • Save Substantial Time:

    ADAS Find is a time-saving powerhouse in the realm of automotive repairs. By automating the VIN decoding process and analyzing repairs against manufacturer standards, the software eliminates the need for extensive manual research. This translates to a substantial time-saving advantage for body shops.

    With ADAS Find, the time spent on decoding VINs, identifying safety features, and researching calibration requirements is dramatically reduced. Estimators and technicians can bypass tedious, time-consuming tasks and focus their energy on more critical aspects of the repair process. The swift generation of comprehensive reports means that repairs can be initiated without delay, leading to faster turnaround times for each vehicle job.

    In essence, ADAS Find's efficiency not only streamlines operations but also allows body shops to handle a higher volume of repairs within the same timeframe. This time-saving benefit enhances overall productivity, enabling businesses to provide quicker and more responsive services while maintaining the highest standards of accuracy and compliance.

  • Meet Manufacture Standards:

    Ensuring compliace to every manufacturers standards has never been easier with ADAS Find. We streamlined the process, helping you meet ALL required guidelines effortlessly.

    Each ADAS Report also includes manufacturer recommendations regarding whether the bumper should be on or off during the procedure, along with distinctions between Static and Dynamic Calibrations. This valuable information not only saves you time but sets the stage for greater profitability down the road.

  • CCC Secure Share

    Integrate with CCC Secure Share to maximize efficiency and streamline ADAS identification in your shop!

    Simply connect with us on Secure Share, enter your repair facility ID into our system, and once an estimate is exported, your report is generated immediately to your ADAS Find account. With the simple click of one button, you will be able to identify any necessary ADAS calibrations for your vehicle undergoing repair.

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    Features Designed to Provide Ease & Profitability

  • Universal Vehicle Compatibility

    Enjoy the ability to input any year make and model from 1980 and beyond!

  • As-Built ADAS Data

    An extensive database full of over 100,000 different car makes and models information to provide the greatest equipped safety feature list out of any other ADAS identification platform.

  • OEM ADAS Requirement Documents

    Providing the best possible documentation for ADAS calibration requirements straight from the published OEM articles.

  • Extensive Estimating Software Compatibility

    CCC One, Mitchell, etc. ADAS Find can take care of them all!

  • Customizable Reports

    Customize the provided reports so you can guarantee that each one is exactly as you need.

  • Invoiced Labels on Each Report

    Every report generated from ADAS Find provides an invoice number so you can bill the insurance company a research fee.

  • What Makes ADAS Find Different & Better

    Catching More Calibrations Than Any Other Platform...

    All other ADAS identification software out there, such as adasThink or Revv, utilize the same tool to provide calibration requirement reports: Alldata. As great as this tool is, Alldata is not always entirely accurate in every OEM requirement they publish, stating something is necessary to be performed. This discrepancy arises because Alldata's OEM calibration requirement information is processed through an interpretation of manufacturer documents, causing a few minor hiccups every now and then.

    ADAS Find recognized this detail and focused on creating its own database table of necessary OEM calibration requirements. These requirements are only displayed if they are directly from the published documents of the manufacturer. Because ADAS Find possesses this secret key, we have an upper edge on accuracy and are able to capture more in our calibration reports than any other software available right now!

    Low & Customizable Pricing

    ADAS Find takes pride in ensuring our software is accessible to any and all body shops, with pricing not being a reason for them to refrain from utilizing this extremely beneficial tool. All of our prices are the lowest you will find compared to any other platform, and significantly so! ADAS Find cares more about spreading the ability to safely repair vehicles with safety features than making a profit from it.

    You're Missing More than 80% of ADAS Calibrations

    In a recent industry study, it was revealed that a staggering 80% of ADAS calibrations were being overlooked by body shops, primarily due to a lack of knowledge in this critical area. This knowledge gap not only posed a risk to vehicle safety but also resulted in missed revenue opportunities for these businesses. Considering the expected growth of the ADAS industry to almost 65 billion by the year 2030, there's a compelling opportunity to enhance your revenue stream through ADAS calibrations. It's time to capitalize on this growth and elevate your business with ADAS Find.

    Our platform's automated analysis against manufacturer standards leaves no room for oversight, uncovering every necessary calibration requirement with precision, ensuring no calibration goes unnoticed.

    In a real-world trial, ADAS Find was implemented in a body shop for a month to assess its impact. The results were nothing short of remarkable. The highlighted shop, utilizing ADAS Find, outperformed all five other locations by more than $15,000 for the month. This compelling case study showcases how ADAS Find not only addresses the industry-wide knowledge gap but also significantly contributes to revenue growth for body shops.

    Explore our testimonials and case studies to witness firsthand how ADAS Find is transforming the landscape of ADAS calibrations and empowering body shops to excel in both safety and profitability.

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